And we are back

Well just arriving at Portsmouth – docking in 20 minutes. Very smooth crossing – no sign of Mal de Mer from either of us:) Cabin was more like a pokey, windowless cupboard to be fair – but there wasn’t a barking dog to be heard for the first time in 3 months so we slept like logs.

Now just the trek up to home and sort out the central heating. Reading in the papers we might get snow next week – hurray, thought we had missed it.

What a fantastic holiday – we are saving now to do it all again – next time Greece! But first a job and save some money.

Ah well back to the real world x

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Madrid – that’s fun to navigate!

Set off this morning at 7.30 from site for the long haul towards home. Sunny and bright all the way, once we cleared Malaga no real traffic to speak of. We passed the time counting the giant ‘Osborne Bull’ hoardings that are everywhere and that saw us through to a lunch stop at a service area.

After lunch Madrid was looming. Sat Nav in charge so pressure was off me. We followed it exactly and found ourselves on the R4 – Iain was concerned not another car on there – in fact all the cars were on the motorway that ran parallel – ahh good reason we are the only silly sods on the toll road! Well for €6.50 we drove alongside the very light traffic on the non toll road for about 12 miles literally yards apart. Then we re-joined the motorway and hit Madrid.

Oh my God what chaos – too many motorways to count and roads off everywhere. Ayrton Senna Baxter at the wheel and flew past our exit, well Mrs Sat Nav did forget to tell him to exit till we were a few yards too far over. So a quickish detour into Madrid (never again) and a few frayed nerves from us both and we got back on the right road. As we left the city mayhem stopped to top up with diesel and Iain bought us a celebratory kitkat each – the high life for us:)

To be fair Iain gets promoted from Head of Logistics to Chairman of Logistics for his brilliant drive through the city – nerves of steel whereas my nerves were shot to pieces. Hardly a cross word (hardly not none) but we both blamed Sat Nav as she can’t argue back.

So now we are 40 miles north of Madrid and at campsite – arrived at 5pm. Its blowing a gale and very cold and a bit of a dump. Doesn’t really matter as we are up early again tomorrow as still 5 hours drive to get to Santander – oh the joy of leaving it to the last 2 days :). Ferry leaves at 5pm so we should make it – if not its another week in Spain so not that bad if we miss it!

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Nearly home time

Last day of sitting in the sunshine today – we head off first thing tomorrow towards home. We have 750 miles to get to the ferry at Santander so will drive all day tomorrow and have an overnight just outside Madrid. Its going to be a long day….we plan to leave around 8am and get to site at teatime.

Happy Valentines Day – the brilliant campsite owner came over this morning and gave us a bottle of cava to celebrate – how lovely is that? Iain thought  about buying chocolates for me – but decided not to in case he got told off – superstar:) – we made do with a chicken salad sat outside the van listening for a final time to those truly Spanish sounds of bleedin barking and howling dogs!

Van now packed up and ready to go. We are both really sad to be going home – have had the most incredible experience seeing amazing places, meeting great people and being as chilled out as never before. Can’t quite believe how lucky we have been to do this and what a superstar Iain has been as head of logistics (I was head of catering). Someone switch the heating on in Wales we are going to need it.

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Lazy Sunday

The good news is Iain has now recovered – up and around properly for the first time in 3 days.  We walked into the village this morning to the local market, well it would be local if we were in Camden! – every stall was owned by a Brit – stalls selling home-made cakes, jewellery, paperbacks and even one selling tinned British produce. The only stall manned by a Spaniard was selling knickers – it was just too weird so we resisted and didn’t spend any cash other than on a coffee stop in the bar.

Back at camp and its a good little site.  There is only one shower / loo but its spotless (yes to seat and loo roll).  Lovely view straight out over to the mountains, only 2 neighbours so its also very quiet.  The owners are lovely and when we arrived they made us a coffee, we have never had that in all the sites we have stayed at.  They bought the site 10 years ago and it looks like they are still developing it – its done fairly well and everything is clean and well looked after.  The best thing is the owners though and they even offered to go and get us a takeaway curry from the nearest town the night we arrived (we had to decline due to the then digestive problems himself was suffering).

We have started planning our trip home 😦 we will stay here for a couple more days as we want to go and see some of the Pueblos Blancos – being the white villages in Andalusia, Monda is only a few miles from here so hopefully take the van there tomorrow.  We also want to visit Coin to see the old and new towns and stock up at Mercadona – we need olives a plenty and also a few boxes of €3 for 5 litres wine to bring home.  That should take us to Wednesday and will leave here fairly handy that morning and have a long drive up past Madrid – its going to take 6-7 hours and when we get there will stop overnight. Then we have another 3-4 hours on Thursday up to Santander where we catch our ferry at 5pm.


Pueblo Blanco Monda