Your future holiday home folks?? >>>>

This is it?? how cute it that?? I love it

Ok so maybe not what you were expecting on the villa front. But – its right on the main High Street (yes that is the main High Street) there are several bars within falling distance, the cutest pizza restaurant with outside tables next door, a lovely flat roof for a terrace to sunbathe and a catholic church right over the alley – what more could we need. Iain is still resisting it but we have another 10 days here yet so will wear him down.

So today was not looking promsing – we got up this morning and there were clouds!! Omg end of the world Iain wasnt at all pleased. So after several cups of tea we decided we would play Petang. We leant balls from the owners here and they have a proper court in their garden (more the villa we would like but will never afford). Anyway, back to the big match and suffice to say I am the champ, 4 – 2 to me and my aim is improving all the time. The couple in the next campervan have asked us to play against them the tomorrow and they havent played before – bring on those lambs to the slaughter as we will be making up rules as we go along:) – a Baxter victory coming up.

By lunchtime the sun was back so after lunch it was chair time for Iain. I did a walk around the lanes for 50 minutes and then joined himself on the patio – basically we did not a thing else all day. I know we should be out taking in the culture etc but its so lovely sitting here looking at the view we didn’t get around to it. If you get a few minutes spare have a look at the website its where we are staying (just we are on the camping pitches not in the villa.) they have special offers on for February of 2 people for €31 per night (Ros /Jen could have been you here!!!).









4 thoughts on “Your future holiday home folks?? >>>>

  1. But that would be a bit ironic if we were there and you were in Spain! Just looked and said to Ped no post tonight and as i went close the page…..up it popped!! (No rude comments thanks!) was going to get withdrawals from not seeing how the other half live! Love the house…..maybe just buy it between the girls!!!! We could decorate it all pink then!!!! xxx


    • Funnily enough, there’s already one painted pink, just across the road! – you wouldn’t believe who it belongs to – (just have a look on Google earth at the photos of Moncarapachio)
      Iain xx


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