Feliz Ano Novo de Portugal

Happy New Year hope you all had a great time. We stayed in and watched a dvd on steam trains in Wales ( I know sad but hey) with a bottle of wine then watched the fantastic fireworks at midnight.

I am loving Albufeira, especially the old town square. We went down on the bikes again yesterday afternoon. Really lovely to sit at the cafes and watch the world go by. Down at the beach there looks to be some really good fish restaurants so we are going to treat ourselves to lunch out tomorrow for a change. I would think in summer its a bit too lively here for us but right now its perfect. We are staying another couple of days before we move on as want to explore the town and beach a bit further before we go.

We found the most perfect weighing scales yesterday in the shops. Snuck them off the shelf and I hopped on and have lost 6 lbs since we left home, Iain has lost 8 lbs. Iain says crappy cheap scales that aren’t calibrated – I say buy them and believe what they say! Well we didn’t buy but we did treat ourselves to a massive bag of crisps and 2 bars of chocolate just in case they were showing the right weights.

Today has been a day of doing very little, for a change. Walked around the campsite (got my step back! Hurray) which is about 25 minutes in total and just sat in the sun and enjoyed the totally wonderful start we have had to 2012. Here is wishing you all a great year xxx

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2 thoughts on “Feliz Ano Novo de Portugal

  1. If you two lose any more weight we won’t be able to find you when we get there…….but well done!!!! I’m just jealous lol!!!!!!


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