Finally – Fuseta

Yes today we finally made it down to Fuseta after a couple of weeks of planning to go we decided this morning to head out early on the bikes. Iain consulted the map and it was up hill and down dale (1 hill we could pedal up, the second – no way we pushed up). Not too far and after about 40 minutes we hit the coast and the little town of Fuseta.


Looks like a fairly poor town but you can see the devlopment taking place with villas and appartments so we guess its on the way up. The supposed market in the town square was 2 stalls selling handbags and leather jackets _ I am sure they are the same two we see in every town as the jackets looks exactly the same. Down on the coast the tide was out and miles and miles of sand – the clam pickers were out in force, literally hundreds of them as far as you could see.


As always after a cycle we need a strong coffee stop – Iain spent several minutes explaining he wanted 2 coffees from the lady (hmm someone isnt mastering the lingo so well 🙂

From there we headed along the river and out onto the salt flats – so many birds to spot its an amazing place to go. The cycle path heads out along the Algarve for miles right alongside the sea, a bit windy today and a few clouds came over so we only ventured a couple of miles.


From here we decided to head back – decision whether to follow same route we came (too many hills and legs aching) or try following the road signs from Fuseta back to Moncarapacho. We decided on the latter – oh my God what have we been doing – its practically flat all the way. A slight incline at worst and probably a mile further but its flat, 3 weeks of up and down hills to the coast and the perfect road was there all the time. Well we lived and learnt and back to camp for lunchtime.

A bit of cloud cover again now so I am going to upload some of my bird spotting photos as I feel sure there will be a great interest (well maybe not).



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