I’ve heard a B A D four lettered word today – and I do NOT like it one little bit! ……….. Several folk here have used it both to our faces AND, worse, it’s even been on the Radio!

RAIN – and aparently lots of it, forecast from the early hours of Sunday morning, pretty well all day – WELL, That’s IT, my balls will be going rusty! S’pose it’ll be a good excuse to get ’em out and polish ’em up a bit as they got a bit scratched today whilst I was HAMMERING Sandra into the ground in this afternoons’ practice session for tomorrows big match – which looks now like it’ll more likely be Aquatang than Petang 🙂 Hope the rain disappears again by Monday – A whole days rain in 7 weeks, just NOT ON, is it?

FAB piece of beef steak for lunch today, cooked outside on the BBQ – San picked it up in the village market yesterday, think she paid about €4 for it, truely amazing value, especially as we only ate 1/2 of it today (and even THAT was a monster chunk EACH) – Steak for breakfast tomorrow too (between the raindrops and flashes of lightening)
Happiness is a full tum – yum yum!

Jan has decided it’s time to fill the swimming pool up again (water, not hardcore) and the hose has been pumping water in all afternoon. The way it’s going it’ll be maybe 1/4 full by about Wednesday! – Ah, just thought, HE must be counting on tomorrows promised rainstorms to help fill it a bit quicker. (In fairness, it’s a BIG pool and it’s 3 metres deep at the deep end! I think he said it takes 100,000 litres to fill it!

Not a lot else to report for today, except the sun is wonderful and the LACK OF RAIN, snow, cloud and cold is, well ——- – heaven.


Posted by a dead one legged Norwegian Blue parrot


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