This was on our agenda to visit purely so someone could buy a new mini lap top, duty free. Fairly sure the diesel to get there negated any potential savings but off we went.

We were aware there weren’t any campsites open for motorhomes on the rock, we had also read that we wouldn’t be able to park easily and even if we could there were miles of queues of traffic waiting to go in and out of the border. Apparantly the Spanish Customs officers were on a work to rule and stopping every single vehicle, which meant traffic was tailing back as far as you could see.

We had been given a tip whilst in Spain of a site to use just over the border still in Spain. Camping Sureuropa is a fabulous site at La Linea only a couple of miles from the border point. It is staffed staffed by people with various disabilities and really is a brilliant little site. Everything is immaculate and the welcome was warm and the staff very helpful on the best way for us to visit Gibraltar.

We decided to get a taxi up to the border point and walk across, it took 10-15 minutes in the taxi and cost less than €12. Once we walked through Customs we were pretty astounded at the sheer numbers of cars waiting to clear Customs back into Spain. This wasn’t helped at all when the latest flight due in lands and the run way straddles the main road so traffic is delayed even further.

We walked up the main town and to be honest we were under-whelmed by it all. Plenty of electrical shops, a few British type stores and pubs but it all felt a little like it was trying too hard to be a bit of little England. We looked at a trip up to the top of the rock to see the apes, we were quoted €50 so that was out of our league and we decided we could afford to miss that one out.

For us it was proably worth it to tick  off a list, other than that wouldn’t really see it as a motorhome destination. That said there are plenty parked up in the border car-parks so probably we didn’t look at the right places.