Malaga photo album and we moved on again

Our visitors from Wales have left this morning on their way back to tropical weather they will have there.  We loved seeing them and spent a good few days catching up on all the news.   Yesterday both Ped and Iain were struck down with some bug so we didn’t get a ‘last supper out’.  Iain still not too well today but we have moved on to our next site and now have him in recovery mode in the sun.

We did a grand tour of Malaga, twice, on our way here – Sat Nat error not navigator error.  Once we finally got out of the city centre a straight run up with hardly a soul on the roads as usual.

We are up in the hills about 30 miles from the coast at Finca de la Piedra.  Little campsite that takes 5 vans, run by an English couple who live on site in a static caravan.  Its very quiet with only the barking rabid dogs to break the silence.  Village of Vilamour  is a 20 minute walk away,  I walked in earlier but it was closed for siesta. There are several bars and a small supermarket plus a little bakery, the usual white painted houses and a big church in the middle, quite pretty but very sleepy.

Its warmed up again and with the windbreak out it has become a bit too hot to sit outside – that is a first for us.  However I will persevere as don’t want to come home lacking my tan and really need to get rid of the panda eye look before we get back.


One thought on “Malaga photo album and we moved on again

  1. Hello!!! Well we’re back! Sadly! (But glad to be home safe!!). Had a wonderful holiday and it was fabulous to catch up with you both – missing everyone tonight! And love the pictures!!! Thank you both for an wonderful few days – hope iain is fully recovered now! can’t wait to see you both next week – miss you xx


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