Small world in Moncarapacho

How small can the world get? here we are miles from anywhere on a little site up in the hills with 7 other vans. The van next door is from Colwyn Bay (a few miles from Rhyl) and the van one tier below us is from Dover – and the couple used to live in Lewisham Road (seconds from where I lived). The site is heaven – very small and next to the main villa which is converted into 6 holiday apartments. The owners are Norwegian and very friendly as are the other campervaners.

So today – well we did mostly nothing for a change. We did join the neighbours for pre Sunday lunch drinks outside one of the vans – sounds posher than it was but good to get to know everyone. They decided to break the news to us about our pitch – apparently the reason we got the late booking was the guy on here before us dropped dead in his caravan a few weeks ago. So this morning when we were up late they were all worried history was repeating itself!

Then Iain went swimming in the pool – yes sounds brave but check it out?!?*

Other than that sat around and worked on our tans. Tomorrow we walk to Moncharapacho – about 15 minutes away. They say its only a little village but you can buy everything. Well we need a new kettle so fingers crossed or its going to be cold tea and coffee for us until we move to a bigger town.


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