They have arrived….

This morning we were at the airport in Malaga to await the arrival of the Wales 4 on the 1025 from Liverpool. So brilliant to see them all and within 5 minutes we were in a bar and Steve and Ped were on litres of lager! Ros and Jen were impressive at being within the luggage limits – but Jen does have more clothes for 5 days than I have for 3 months.

Left them at the airport to get their taxi to Benalmedena and we caught the train back to camp for lunch. After lunch back on the train to Benalmedena and met up on the prom. Really warm and plenty of people around, really lovely town. So strange having friends with us after nearly 3 months on our own – but so lovely to have them here with us. A good walk along the seafront and then up to check in.

The apartment is to say the least stunning, great balcony with a bbq, full kitchen and even a washing machine (an iron to but we won’t need to borrow that) – fabulous complex and only minutes from the beach. After a quick cuppa the men were off to a bar to watch Ireland v Wales at rugby. We had a girly natter then followed them down. Went out for a tea and we all had fabulous meals – except Ped who for some reason seemed to be given a child portion. The waiter gave him some onion rings and thought that solved it – but Ped talked him into an upgrade from coffee to cheesecake and they only charged for half a carafe of wine when at least 3 or 4 were drunk so alls well that ends well.

Back on the train again for us to get home – we should buy season tickets! Iain has a slight wobble courtesy or Steve and Ped, will works off the effects tomorrow when we cycle up there.

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