house hunting? I wish….

Today we ventured into the village on foot. Took about 20 minutes to walk from the site as we took a little footpath through the olive and almond groves. Really oldy wordly place with 2 small supermarkets, a few basic shops and at least 15 cafes and bars. We stopped off to get some bread – I think Iain was getting fed up of no bread as he bought 6 rolls and a large loaf (and we were only buying for lunch). Then it was a coffee stop at a pavement cafe. I insisted I could order in Portuguese and ignored Iain’s doubts. Ok so he was right as I ordered 2 small black coffees and we got 2 large white frothy coffees – more practise needed there then.
Back to camp and an afternoon refining the imprint of my bottom on my sun chair. Iain decided he needed to get a tan on his back as we are pure white at the back and fairly brown at the front. I on the other hand am only going to stand facing people so they don’t notice.

I have found a property to buy – needs about 6 months work (Mez are you free?) but its only €50,000 – Iain isn’t convinced yet but I have him researching Rightmove as I write for anything more suitable. Well there are some lovely villas for €7 million in the area too but me thinks he won’t go for them for sure, but if he does its everyone out here for their holidays next year πŸ™‚

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