Photos of Moncarapacho and Villa Case Rosa

Some photos we took around the camp-site and in Moncarapacho itself. Moncarapacho is a small town inland from the Algarve coast. There are quite a few small old fashioned shops and as always many cafes and restaurants. Its a tiny little town you can walk from one end to the other is less than half an hour. Lots of old buildings that are semi-derelict but seems many sare begining to be done up. There is a fair amount of newer villa type property and reading the local papers it says that many Northern European (mainly British, Dutch and German) are begining to settle here as the local youngsters move down to the coast where the better jobs are. In town there is an old style market hall with 2 butchers, a fruit and veg stall and a big fish market each day. There is also a small supermarket and a couple of bread and cake shops. The town square is now cobbled a and has a few pavement cafes out to catch the tourists that are around. The locals tend to use the cafe bars and we have found them much cheaper, so guess where we go now?

The town is about 15 minutes walk from the campsite and between the two are a few farms and as many almond, orange and olive trees as you can think of. The locals are very friendly to the tourists and you cant walk far without a ‘Bom Dia’ from someone. The owners of the campsite are Norwegian. They told us they sold their flat in Oslo and bought the villa, apartments and campsite for the same money (shows how expensive Olso is). The villa is converted into 6 self catering apartments and the owners have a flat too. Its very quiet and peaceful and yet less than 15 minutes down to the coast and only 20 minutes to the airport. It seems not that many tourists come up to Moncarapacho as the Eastern end of the Algarve isnt as touristy with the towns of Faro and Olhao being more commercial and fishing based than tourist.

There endeth my tourism report on the area !


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