Sunny walks, rides & a Sneak Preview

A morning spent wandering around El Reserva Natural de Ria Formosa was, indeed, a well spent few hours, literally only about 200 metres away from the campsite. Loads of birds (and, yes, funny enough, the train line DOES run alongside πŸ˜‰ ) a fabulous, level, 4km walk around the woodlands and old saltings (both modern day and Roman!) And along the coastline. Glorious weather yet again today! – and …….. All for Gratis!
This afternoon’s been spent on a wee 10km bike ride up into the hills above us to see if we could locate our next campsite – easily found and, if i may say, WHAT a find! (You’ll see what I mean when you see some photos after Saturday when we “officially” arrive) Can’t wait to move on now, all that’s stopping us really is that we’ve decided to do a boat trip around the islands tomorrow and the harbour is only about a Km away from THIS site, so it’s easier to stay here till Sat morning then move as originally planned
Beginning to think Easy-Jet must have a monopoly on Faro airport – it seems that every other ‘plane going over (we’re right under the INbound flight path – thank GOD it’s not the OUTBOUND one!) is one of thiers – hope the motley crew from Rhyl don’t end up here instead of Malaga in error, as we’ll be in Spain by the time Feb comes and I seem to recall that Mr Mez owes me at LEAST 2 pints! πŸ™‚

Posted by a dead one legged Norwegian Blue parrot


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