Now I know how the poor ol’ turkey feels!

Just been “out for lunch” at the restaurant here on the Turiscampo campsite.
My GOD, even Ped would have struggled on this lot – I’d like to put a quid or two on that one! …  Mez, you’d not have a cat in hells chance of getting through it all!
Beat this for €6.95c (that’s about £6.00 in British , ( or 60 hundred thousand billion million escudos in next weeks currency, according to  the English language scaremongering papers over here!) :
For starters we had a choice of, Garlic bread slices, bread balls, cheese slices, tomato slices, onions, plain bread slices with butter, prawn/salmon/fish crackers, assorted salad “extras” such as mayo, mixed veg mayo, chilli in olive oil, peppers in olive oil, full salad condiments (like beetroot, onion, etc) soup (if you can fit it in!!) – any or all of the above, as required
For main, All salad bar (as above) plus any/all of the following as required: French fries, potato balls, hot mixed veg (beans, sweetcorn type mix) Chicken legs, lamb stew (Superb!!) pork steaks, Paella style fish mix (fab!) Squid, King Prawns, Dogfish steak, Boiled rice, chicken balls, meatballs in a beautiful sauce ……… God, it goes on and on ……. there was more stuff on there, just can’t remember it all ….. and it was all cooked to perfection & piping hot (minus the French fries of course, which were, as ever, cold).
It “were reet grand” – and for €20 including a pint of lager,  a diet coke AND a 10% gratuity (which was NOT added to bill automatically either!) for the TWO of us,  then I for one, sure ain’t complaining …….. this type of menu served 6 days a week 1pm till 10pm – (but it’s an extra €3 after 5pm)

Suffice to say, I’m now about to spend the afternoon in the sunshine splatted out on the sunbeds by the pool to recover in time for tea (with another beer, of course 😉 )

Christmas is coming, sigh …….. another day by the pool, longing for  the UK weather, NOT!  🙂 🙂

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, to Steve Mez



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