Today was shopping and food

This morning we were up and out on the bikes first thing. Rode down to Olhao and found the ‘big shopping complex’ which was about 6 shops. Bought Iain his birthday present which was a new saddle for his bike and a bumbag! or as the Americans would say a Fanny Bag, I got some mudguards for my bike.

From there we cycled down to the harbour and went for lunch at the O Bote – we base our choice on how many locals are in there and this was full of them. Iain has the biggest tuna steak I have ever seen and it was lovely, a couple of glasses on vinho tinto each and then we remembered we still had to cycle the 6 miles back and its mainly uphill so we cut short any further drinks.

At the port we found a massive ABC store – a bit like the biggest Pound shop in the world. And yes we finally got our Petang (Boules) not the best decision as they are very heavy but Iain volunteered to carry as we were fairly laden down with bits and bobs we had bought.

Back at the camp and two of our neighbours told us they had come looking for us this morning to take us out in their car!! OMG all that cycling and we could have sat in luxury and been driven around. Well they offered instead to take us out next week bird watching – I am dead chuffed not sure Iain is but it will be fun.

All in all a good day with tired legs and empty purses but that’s what its all about.



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