Feliz Natal

Christmas Eve has been a revelation this year. No shopping, cleaning or cooking (Frango salad is still the lunch of necessity).

Iain biked down to the beach this morning whilst I stayed at the camper and kept the sunshine company. To be honest my deck chair is getting a permanent imprint of my bottom as its becoming rare the two are separated during day light hours.

We refrained from going up to the ‘carols and nibbles’ on the pitch above us this afternoon. It has to be said “Let it snow” just wasn’t right song, they need some sunny Christmas songs out here. After several renditions of Rockin’ round the Christmas Tree’ we cleared off to the pool where it was totally peaceful and not a soul else there.

Our stockings are hung out (2 old socks) so let’s hope the Fat Bloke in the red suit plotted well and finds us. If not then Iain could be slightly disappointed with his home made book mark tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow doesn’t differ greatly from today. We will be doing mostly nothing. Instead of cooking a turkey I will assist Iain by turning him over on the hour so he browns evenly, however I will not be putting an onion or lemon anywhere near him!

Happy Christmas Eve to you all. Wish you were here (but to be fair glad we aren’t there). Lots of love from us both to you all xxx

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