We said a sad goodbye to our lovely campsite this morning and headed into Lagos for supplies. After spending an arm and a leg on stockpile provisions we headed inland to Monchique.

Really lovely journey through the countryside and villages and less than an hour away we drove straight past the turning to site (Sat Nav error not mine!). A quick U turn and we turned along a sand track, which kept going and going – appearing to be an endless sand track. After a mile it opened out into the most stunning little campsite. Only 14 pitches but the whole site is fairly new with the most beautiful view right back down over 20 miles to the coast and out to sea. Only 3 French vans and 2 English on site so very peaceful.

The 6 million dollar question?
Yes there are seats on the loos. And note to me – check the picture on the doors and use the one with a picture of a lady – not the one with a gent (luckily no one else came in so only slight embarrassment to self!).

Tomorrow we are going to Monchique town itself. Its a spa town with little cobbled streets up a hillside with lots of cafes and  restaurants. The village is famous for the production of Medronho a liqueur made from arbutus fruit (strawberry) which grows in the area. They say its an acquired taste, but good if you have a cold – will report back on that one when we have tried it ! On top of that its also well known for honey, cakes and desserts – we are so going to like it here:)

Lovely lunch followed by the new fruit Iain bought to try – tasted like raw swede and investigations show we have just eaten raw yukka – don’t do it – pure disgusting yuk! Iain now banned from buying fruit.

Spent the afternoon sat on our chairs for the most part – though we did venture a short stroll around the hills and managed to get stuck on a small scree hill – ah well down on our bottoms was the safest way so we made it back to camp with slightly dirty bums.

Now time for a siesta and a cuppa.
Bom dia

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2 thoughts on “Monchique

  1. Hi there holiday makers!! Merry Christmas to you both!!
    Photos look fab, had a great christmas here lots of pressies, food and drink. Out last night for a few drinks with Baz, Ros and Ped. Steve is still working on the bathroom, the main event today steve trying to put together the steam cabin!!
    Looking forward to Feb, steve had a beer drinking hat off Ros and Ped, and Ped is learning the bisto gravy bull dance!!!
    Jen & Mez x x


    • Hi Jen – glad you had a great Xmas – looking forward to seeing you and can’t wait to see Ped do the bisto gravy bull! Xxx


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