Ria Formosa

Well last night was an eye opener – a few drinks in the site bar sounds good. Omg sounds can be deceptive! – we spent the evening with the down and outs, after dark the holiday makers scuttle into their vans and its itinerant city. Honestly if Madge had come in on her scooter she would have been to classiest person there. A beer and a glass of wine is only ā‚¬2.30 – so no matter how bad we are staying for a couple as its Thursday night after all. It made Committee night look fun! Iain was happy to leave (!!)after 2 hours that’s how bad it was.

Today was a day out from the ‘treat purse’ (the money accumulated by stealing Ā£1 every time Iain left change of the table in the last 10 months). The purse was fairly full so it was time to have a big day out.

We biked down to town first thing and tried to book a boat trip without success. One lady at the far end of the marina took our number and said she would ring us if anyone else booked as needed a minimum of 4 to run the boat. Twenty minutes later we are wandering around town and she rings so we hike back up to where to boat leaves from.

Catamaran boat that seats about 40 and just 4 of us on it. The Ria Formosa are hundred of little islands off the coast of Faro and Olhao, some are inhabited but no cars on any you have to go to and fro by boat.

The boat stopped at two islands to let us off for a walk and a coffee for half an hour. Absolutely lovely places but can’t talk Iain into living there šŸ˜¦ lovely little clapperboard houses and the streets are sand or boardwalk. Literally hundred of fishing boats and a real hippy feel to it all. The boat got back after 3 hours and only ā‚¬15 so plenty of money left for lunch out. We ate at a pavement cafe by the wharf and had a lovely lunch watching the world go by.

Cycling down the promenade on the way back and who do we see? Only 3 camels complete with the 3 Kings wandering along!! (no really we hadn’t hit the vinho tinto today) – its Epiphany and they go the whole way here with real camels and fabulous costumes.

Back at camp and we are packed up now ready for the off tomorrow. Loved Olhao for being very non touristy but also for being flat – which means easy for us to bike around. We have cycled over 30 miles in the last 4 days and its been wonderful. We only move 5 miles into the hills tomorrow so will be biking down and walking back up a few more times in the next few weeks.

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