Fuingerola and Paella

Next place to try out Fuingerola so train yesterday, again. Much more built up area – not as nice in terms of cafes etc but the beach and promenade were beautiful as always. Lunch in ‘ Ye Olde English’ bar – run by ‘Ye Olde Indian’ family. Service was sooooo slow but food was good. After walking off lunch some had aching limbs so back to Benelmadena for the siestas. Ros and I walked to the harbour and back whilst the others had a kip and a few beers.

Early evening headed for the promenade for paella tea. Restaurant Santa Ana and a fantastic meal. Various fish starters with prawns, clams and scallops – followed by a massive paella – bloody lovely. Such a nice evening that Iain and I left late for the train and got back just after 11pm – tired and tipsy best describes us.

This morning up and out on the bikes. Took a picnic and we stopped off to eat on the promenade. Found the Rhyl 4 having breakfast and Guinness in the pub, and went back to the apartment complex with them for a sunbathe (in fleeces but hey it was on the sunbeds). Wind is picking up so looking forward to a tough bike ride back home in a couple of hours


5 thoughts on “Fuingerola and Paella

  1. Hi Sandra & Iain we had a nice holiday in Fuengarola a few years ago some nice restaurants on the beach we had a couple or three pints in Ye old English bar I think it was called the London pub then glad your still having a good time enjoy the rest of your break
    Jimmy & Yvonne


    • Next time we go away we will make you two our Trip Advisors as you always know the good places to go :). Hope you are both well xxx


      • or even better you could take us with you always fancied a few months in a camper van remind me of my hippy days (cornwall in a vw sounds good ha ha )
        jimmy 🙂


      • Ok spare bed is yours! Next trip is overland to Greece – get swotting up on where we should go on route:) oh and of course you have just been made head of catering for the duration xx (don’t worry ages to plan we have to save up for it first!)


  2. I only do breakfasts now but I am an expert on greece ( I have never been to greece ! but Yvonne has been to athens she said it was lovely ) we are off to budapest on the 23 for a little break sightseeing in the day pubbing in the night cant wait although its going to be cold but I love wandering around all wrapped up discovering different sights take care


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