Siberia hits Spain

Ok so its cold – so cold I have a t shirt, cardigan and fleece on just in the van. Its 5 degrees but feels like minus 5 with these Siberian winds blowing. Total clear blue skies though and we have been for a walk into town and froze to death so came back and tucked up with my Kindle and a bit or murder in the East end Martina Cole style.

Town is lovely, all the houses are very well kept and there is nothing old or derelict. The main street has orange trees all the way along it with tons of fruit on, seems strange to be this cold and see ripe oranges on the trees. For miles coming into town all we saw was olive groves and it seems this is a big production area, must be money in olives as this is one of the best kept villages or towns we have seen.

Campsite is quite busy now, a Spanish motor home rally arrived this morning with 20 ish vans. Talked to the neighbours on pitch below – they are from Mold – small world again.

We will move off tomorrow back down to the coast and pitch up in Fuengirola, we have Google’d site and a bike path along the beach to Benalmadena so easy biking for the week to see the North Wales holidaymakers. Iain has worked out trains and we can get between site and apartments in 2 stops so if it is cold bikes are grounded. Looking into getting into Marbella too so we can do some famous yacht spotting.

Good news is this cold again tomorrow then Sunday back to proper Spanish weather so should be a great week coming up. Looking forward to seeing Mez in his tankini and Ped doing the bull dance -oh and the amount of luggage Jen and Ros manage to get on the plane 🙂 roll on Sunday!

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