Safari day

Oh my god – we were up at 6.30am – first time we have done that for many, many months. It was cold, dark and damp. We had to walk to the pick up point about 20 minutes away and when we got there not a soul around.  Luckily Iain noticed a little workmans cafe/bar open so we popped in there for a coffee to wait for the tour office to open.

At 7.30 they turned up and we were ready to go for 8 o’clock.  Luckily for us the second couple who were booked didn’t turn up.  So it was just us, one other guy and the ranger in the Landrover.  All starts well with a gentle drive through the town, around the lake etc.  Then he gets into his stride and its off road hurling us around as he crosses sand ridges and throws the vehicle between trees.  And was it cold or what? I honestly thought I had frostbite it was so cold and he kept opening the windows and didn’t have the heating on.  Trip lasted 4 hours and as it got warmer it got better. We saw red deer and fallow deer – we didn’t see the Lynx though which we had hoped to see.  On the bird spotting front it was amazing. We saw 45 species of birds and I wont bore you with them all but I have to mention Purple Swamphens,  Marsh Harriers, Flamingos, Spoonbills and Little Owls – it was incredible to see so much in such a short space of time.

Back at base camped we packed up our chairs and windbreak and tomorrow we head off again.  We are heading North towards Seville,  then East to a place called Humilladero.  Its in the Sierra mountains, very near to where we infamously got the camper stuck up a street last year – so we will be avoiding the village of Campillos like the plague as the police may not be so helpful reversing everyone out of our way a second time.  Its a good couple of hours over so we will be there mid afternoon and ready to get our jumpers out – forecast is the weather to go from an average 18-20 degrees for the last 4 weeks to 5-8 degrees for the next 5 days, what is that about then, is the Welsh weather moving down here ready for the Malaga week?

Anyway – cant resist so here are a couple of bird photos from today

Little Owl



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