Today I got to drive !

Yes Iain finally allowed me behind the wheel – albeit on a dual carriageway.  To be fair that’s fine with me as I find I ride my bike on the wrong side of the road all the time.  So whilst I was allowed control of the wheel I wasn’t actually allowed the Tom Tom.  I did mention I couldn’t see it but the response was he could(!) so I left it at that 🙂  My guess is he feels slightly safer seeing what roads are coming up etc.  Anyway, suffice to say we got here in one piece and arrived at Humilladero late this afternoon,  we left El Rocio at 10am and had two stops so took us just over 4 hours driving to get here.

Site is good and bad.  Good is toilets with seats and paper, showers are brand new and piping hot. Reception has boxes of fresh oranges for free, lovely little bar and restaurant. Bad is its not quite finished – no landscaping, sand everywhere, and a general feeling of it will be wonderful when its finished.  The guy on reception is selling olive oil from a local vineyard, extra virgin olive oil they say retails here for €9 a litre, selling for €2.50 a litre – so we got a couple of bottles.

Its getting colder for sure. Both of us in jumpers this afternoon. The forecast is for 5 degrees tomorrow and Saturday, but then by Monday its back up to 17 degrees  (just as Ros requested).  We will stay for 2 nights so we can have a wander around the town tomorrow but move on somewhere else Saturday morning.


4 thoughts on “Today I got to drive !

  1. Sandra at least you did not reverse up a tree.on another Forum the writer states it is snowing in Benidorm where he is staying, Another one in France At carcassone reports -14 there at 5pm.


    • who did reverse up a tree? its not that cold here yet – forecast for -2 overnight and staying cold til Sunday, then it starts warming up nicely again


  2. It was -10 here this morning at 8am, currently -4, looks like we may miss the snow as the warm front from the south west comes in overnight an dumps the snow over mid and east England. Is Iain still practicing his bowls, as we do not want him to get rusty


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