This morning we braved the winds and got the bikes out to ride up the coast. Just over an hour and 8 miles to Benalmedena – promenade all the way, the only difficulty was the amount of people. Seems like the whole world was out for a morning walk, run, skate. The cafes were all open and plenty of people in them its certainly really popular here even out of season.

Anyway, got there and within seconds spotted the Rhyl 4 having a cooked breakfast outside in the sun so joined them for coffee. Then dropped the bikes off at the apartment before walking half way back! No it was lovely really as we walked back to the harbour, some serious boats there and loads of lovely little shops and bars. Spent over 5 hours just wandering around, Ros and Jen bought bread to feed some very large fish that seriously didn’t look like they needed food, hundreds of them just around the waters edge. They say the harbour is nothing compared to Marbella so can’t wait to go there and see just how rich some people can be as this looked fairly exclusive to us. We resisted the urge to buy handbags and sunglasses from the numerous street hawkers – there are too many of them and some are overly persistent, having said that there are some very nice bags:) not sure we will be resisting the ice-creams tomorrow though.

Got to 5pm and back to the apartment to collect the bikes and back to camp for us. We wimped out of another night out on the town, not sure we are up to 2 nights in a row as we normally go out once a week, so will get our strength up for tomorrow night. Head wind against us all the way so heavy going, but back in an hour and 10. As Iain missed out on a meal out thought would do him something authentic from the area for tea – did an omelette and added sausage (Spanish omlette?)well he was happy-ish with it.

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