Today we did mostly very little – again

One quick game of Petang (I won) and other than that we sat, sat a bit more and then after lunch we did some more sitting. In our defence it was very warm, and its amazing where a whole day goes when we don’t move.

Its very definitely spring here. The almond tree outside our van had 4 or 5 blossoms on when we arrived, its now covered. Everything is very green and lush and not as arid as we thought it would be. Oranges are everywhere, we have loads in the van you can just pick them from anywhere you walk.

The bird spotting from the chairs is incredible, Hoopoe, Lesser spotted woodpecker, Chiff chaff, crested larks – the list goes on and on and on.

The one negative is the dogs – all night long they bark and howl at every house in the district. We got chased on our bikes again a two days ago by two. Iain passed the villa and they charged out after him, a couple of seconds later they spotted me tootling along so it was ‘let’s go for the easier meat’ and my foot was extremely close to their mouths. Iain being the gent he is was off – so I just pedalled like hell with 2 dogs bouncing around my wheels and after a few seconds they gave up. Every house seems to have at least 2 and they are big buggers so I guess they are security or maybe just to deter nosey cyclists?

We had been for a ride in the hills above the village. Amazing villas with pools and great views down to the coast. Lots of new built stuff but just as lovely are the old traditional places painted in bright yellows and pinks and every garden has orange, almond and olive trees as well as a Renault 4 and a BMW convertible.

Temperature today was 20 degrees or 71 degrees for those that use the other numbers – whichever you use with no breeze it was pretty dam hot 🙂 and its forecast to stay until we move to Spain next week.

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3 thoughts on “Today we did mostly very little – again

  1. Other than the dogs.. It sounds bloody marvellous… Certainly beats a horrible January in this end of the country.. I really enjoy reading you and iains posts.. Could you possibly stay much longer than 3 months so I can continue reading about your adventure lol x


    • Hi Dee – yes it beat Wales at this time of year – though I will be gutted if we miss the snow. Would happily stay out here till summer when I think it will be too hot. Glad you are keeping us with the tales of all we do (and don’t do!). We are off to Spain soon so should have lots more to tell from there. Love to all in Bonnie Dundee xxx


  2. On the other hand, I most certainly WON’T be gutted to miss the snow! – I came here TO miss it (and the wind, and the rain, and the ice, and the cold and ……….. and everything else that “him upstairs” throws at the UK – I HATE it 🙂
    (But I LOVE it here!)


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