Nearly home time

Last day of sitting in the sunshine today – we head off first thing tomorrow towards home. We have 750 miles to get to the ferry at Santander so will drive all day tomorrow and have an overnight just outside Madrid. Its going to be a long day….we plan to leave around 8am and get to site at teatime.

Happy Valentines Day – the brilliant campsite owner came over this morning and gave us a bottle of cava to celebrate – how lovely is that? Iain thought  about buying chocolates for me – but decided not to in case he got told off – superstar:) – we made do with a chicken salad sat outside the van listening for a final time to those truly Spanish sounds of bleedin barking and howling dogs!

Van now packed up and ready to go. We are both really sad to be going home – have had the most incredible experience seeing amazing places, meeting great people and being as chilled out as never before. Can’t quite believe how lucky we have been to do this and what a superstar Iain has been as head of logistics (I was head of catering). Someone switch the heating on in Wales we are going to need it.

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One thought on “Nearly home time

  1. Hi Sandra, you and Iain lived mom’s dream, that was the sort of thing she would have loved to do and never got the chance, it’s important to do what you want to do, and not to put it off.

    Love you Dad


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