Sunday day of rest and rain

Yes the rain came – well a couple of long showers was about all it managed so Iain wasn’t too distraught. However the window does still leak so it was a big repair job this morning which has now hopefully solved that one.

Second drama of the day was the kitchen sink had worked lose so Iain decided to fix. All went well till he checked the plug hole still drained – it didn’t – air got blue as water flooded. At this stage I went out for a walk around the lanes and a bit of bird spotting. On my return sink complete but apparently another minor flood has occurred in the meantime! At least the insides of the cupboard are clean – every cloud……

Our Conwy neighbours left and were replaced by a Dutch couple in a caravan. I think he thought he was on a rally the speed he reversed in to the pitch – I heard his wife screaming “stop” as I saw him inches away from taking the back of our van out. He got our table but luckily missed the van – just. Anyway he got out with a smile and said hello as if nothing untoward had happened so no harm there then Fritz!

After lunch we were invited to drinks in the awning of the couple from Dover. Most of the site were there and we had a really good afternoon. Many tales were told about other campers and the lovely lady from the caravan above us got totally sloshed. She is 68 and told her husband she was just nipping out for 2 minutes at 1 o’clock. We left at 6.30 and had to practically carry her back – at which stage she remembered she was supposed to have cooked lunch by 2pm, ooops someone is in trouble.

She wasn’t the only one though – someone set the alarm off on our van (no names Iain) which shattered the peace and quiet of an Algarve Sunday evening beautifully πŸ™‚ – well after a few bottles of Sagres brown beer I guess it was going to happen.

We have decided to extend our stay here as its absolutely lovely in terms of the site and the area – we will work it out tomorrow with the owners but will probably miss out Cadiz and stay in Portugal until its time to go to Malaga – wooohoo :). Tomorrow we are going to the graveyard in town – we are told the graves are in tall stacks and each has a window, when its hot the relatives so and open the windows so the dead folk get fresh air – you so have to love it here.

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