Acebron Palace – not quite the seaside though

Right, the plan was to head for the coast on the bikes.  We waited til after lunch and headed off out on the main road.  About 2 miles in I decided I knew a short cut on a side road.  Iain queried my knowledge – but I was sure someone told me this little road went towards the next reserve, near the beach.  So we cycled for a good few miles, no traffic, no houses, nothing at all.  About 5 miles later we get to a gateway and this leads to Acebron Palace – all very good except its the end of the road too. Nowhere near the beach but hey ho we will visit Acebron instead.

So its a palace that’s only 50 years old, but had been left to fall into ruin in recent years.  Its all been fixed up now and its a museum with an observation platform on the roof.  From the roof you can see for miles and miles across the park in all directions.  Its flat forever so the view is just sand and trees with the odd electric pylon complete with nesting storks.  Pretty spectacular in its own way.  Sadly no cafe – so no drinks or cakes and we have to cycle back the way we came due to a lack of road in any other direction.


One thought on “Acebron Palace – not quite the seaside though

  1. |Sounds like a good trip although a bit Bumpy.. Weather is extremly cold through out europe there is a cold Blast coming down from Siberia. We have a splattering of snow and it is Minus 2 At the moment with a wind chill of -4 . Forecast for the weekend is -10 locally with snow. They have had snow down in Provence South France and Many Ski resorts have had to much snow and there are curfews on people leaving thier Hotels in some resorts. Reports on the BBc news of people being found frozen to death in thier homes in some countrys


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