Camp lunch in Olhao

No not that sort of camp – the campsite camp. Fourteen of us went down to Olhao for lunch at a local cafe, Sergios. Starter, main course, pudding and wine for €8 per head. Lovely food – except Iain’s, he ordered mixed fish and they bought out a plate of 7 mackerel! Not sure where the mixed bit came into that. Suffice to say I gave him half my dinner to make up for it.

After that we all came back to site and sat in the sun with a few drinks for the afternoon. Tea was a fresh apple pie baked on site by one of the campers (fair play I would have gone down the shop and bought one). The first dip in the pool was taken by one bloke – he reckoned he did 10 minutes – we think 10 seconds as its absolutely freezing water. Its now gone dark so everyone has gone back to their vans for a warm up as gets very chilly when the sun goes down.

The Dutch couple came along and looked bemused all day as they speak very little English. Then again we looked bemused yesterday when he drove into our 5 ft wind break as he couldn’t see it – considering he towed a caravan all the way here God knows how he made it in one piece and that is the second time he has driven into us in 3 days.

Tomorrow we bike ride to Fuseta to work off the excesses of today and see the Salt marshes.

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