Pottery shopping

Nice quiet couple of days – but then to honest they usually are.

On the shopping front we are finally moving on from chicken. In the village market I bought pork steaks cut from the joint and various salads – I really wanted to buy fish but have no idea what is what and not sure the fishmonger would have coped with the stress as she looked about 150 years old.

So after my shopping trip we biked out through the village and up to a viewpoint. We took a track that others on site had told us about. Turned out to be a bit of a BMX challenge, track was a real over statement think it was more like ‘rocks strewn in the dirt’. Uphill and down dale and nearly at the bottom it turned into sand – and I was off in a heap! No damage done and we were struggling to get up the next hill when 3 rabid dogs appeared barking like mad – amazing how you can suddenly find a bit more pedal in your legs when the threat of being attacked by rabid dogs at your heels.

Anyway we found the most enormous garden plant commercial growers, acres and acres of potted plants – sadly not for sale to passing cyclists or the van would be looking like a jungle by now. We did 2 hours and then came back and flumped out for the evening. Turned a bit cooler with a good breeze blowing so we moved inside for the rest of the afternoon.

Today those dreaded clouds were out again this morning so I went for a walk into the village and left Iain to the housework – yup he is still doing his chores. There is the most amazing pottery shop with literally tons of stuff for outdoors and more bowls, plates and jars then you could ever wish for. After a very pleasant 20 minutes browsing I bought 3 bowls – will be going back for a few more bits next week.

Cloud has lifted and sun is back but very breezy. We played Petang against another couple on site – ok our strategy of teaching them didn’t work as we were soundly beaten. Re-match planned for Sunday with a bottle of red wine at stake, so we will be out with head torches practising at night.

Now have my Kindle out and settling down to a couple of hours of doom and gloom with Martina Cole. The site owner, Jan the Norwegian, tells us its going to rain on Sunday (you can imagine Iain is not impressed) how very dare it rain on us. Good news is its then meant top get very warm again.

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