Another good day – rode our bikes up to the water towers which is the highest point in the area. Then along the lanes and into Moncarapacho where we stopped at Antonio’s for a coffee break.  On return to camp the other campers asked that we book in and out in future so they know where we are and how long we intend to be out, we thinks they are worried we will conk out whilst biking around!

Other than that we spent another relaxing day on site enjoying the sunshine. We keep hearing the warm weather is forecast to leave us but its hanging on in there so fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow.  Iain is recovering from his prickly heat rash now so we can get out for a full day tomorrow on the bikes. Hoping to go to see the Spoonbills and Flamingos on the salt pans and a bit of extra bird spotting if I can talk him into it.

Only a couple of days left here now and much as we love it we are both ready to move on and see some more places, we intend to be in Spain on Friday and heading for El Roccio, which is fairly near the border.  So the next few days will see Iain biking into town for wine stocks to take home as he is getting 5 litres boxes of red wine for €3.50 – and to be fair its quite good stuff, and apparently much cheaper than in Spain. Other than that the only other thing we are stocking up on is Olives – after both refusing to ever eat an olive before we have for some bizzare reason developed a taste for them, again dirt cheap here so will be stocking up.


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