Donana National Park

Yesterday we ventured into the town and it was a bit chaotic to say the least. Fireworks going off outside the main church at 10am (that’s different than the bells calling them to mass). When they do arrive for the services they come in big marching groups with drummers and pipes. Lots of the people appear to be there just to be seem – lots of preening going on with chaps on horses. One guy all dressed up on his horse outside church, got his phone camera out and passed it to me to take his photo – spent about 5 minutes explaning something (I guess how his phone worked and what he wanted in the photo) to which at the end I just said ‘sorry am English’ – he raised his eyes to heaven but passed me the camera. I took a photo but think it was a bit off focus, offered to take another but he said no. Saw him 10 minutes later asking someone else – the bleedin cheek of him, hope they were Brits too.

When it all got to hectic we headed back to camp for the usual sit in the sun for the afternoon. The Spanish campers all packed up and gone by tea time so very quiet here last night. Our neighbours from Australia have also gone – they came over 18 months ago to London, bought a camper and 19 countries later are still touring, quite a few Danish on site now and a couple of Brits and Dutch.  The loo situation seems better in Spain – loo seats and loo roll here 🙂 the only downside being there are sparrows in the rafters in the showers.  The site is all sand on the pitches and the roads, hence the van is now permanently looking like Rhyl beach inside.This morning we rode our bikes down to the Donana National Park. Left them at the visitor centre and went round the 3.5 km of board-walks. As it always seems down here, free to get in and yet they have spend millions on the place. Very few people around and you walk along the board-walks between the bird hides. Took us nearly 2 hours to walk round with keep stopping to look at stuff  Absolutely beautiful and we saw loads of birds, including Glossy Ibis by the dozen and Flamingos, well worth going.

We decided to have lunch out as everywhere has these 3 course dish of the day deals for €10 a head. Went to the restaurant at the campsite and said we would sit outside, to which the waitress just said – no you sit inside. At this stage we should have realised this wasn’t going to be in our top 10 lunches. anyway we ordered and Iain went for Ox steak and I went for tuna. We asked does it comes with salad and chips – no – one or the other. So I got 10 chips and Iain got two pieces of lettuce and a slice of pepper. Add to that 2 cokes, 2 wines and Iain had cheesecake – plus one starter between us and some olives – €40! Hmm we didnt sort that one out too well did we.

We have been to the tourist centre and booked on a jeep safari in the park for Wednesday. You had to be there to see the look on Iain’s face when the guy told us it goes at 8am – bless Iain queried it twice to make sure he had heard right – for someone that doesn’t do mornings before 9am this is going to be good as we will have to be up by 7am. Anyway its a 4 hour trip and as you cant drive yourself in the park we hope its going to show us lots of things we would otherwise have missed. So tomorrow is now a spare day so we will bike to Matalscanas beach which is about 10 miles away and see the coast and our first view of the Mediterranean this holiday (edit Iain says its still not the Med so scrap that!).


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