Baxters conquer highest mountain on the Algarve!

Time for a bit of a walk? Don’t be silly, it’s far too warm and anyway, EVERYWERE is uphill either on the way there, or worse, on the way back!! ….. but we’ll go out for a couple of hours after lunch and go see the Spa town of Monchique.
OK, so that’s the plan for today – sun for an hour or two this morning,  – go see the town this afternoon, SORTED!
The town, however, whilst very quaint, wasn’t actually very big and took all of about an hour to circumnavigate – including the hilly alleyways they call streets, a trip round one of the many lovely churches and several “tourist” shops …….
Ok, next? – “Let’s go climb the hill at the back of town & see the view” says I, knowing a little more about it than San, as I’ve researched it last night, 🙂
The mountain is called Fóia – it’s nearly as high as Snowdon (at 902m) and you get to drive right to the very top along a fairly decent road with restaurants and view points all the way up. From the top, which is covered in military and domestic communications masts and of course, the statutory cafe & gift shop! (bit like Great Orme but on a MASSIVE scale in comparison!) – the view is AMAZING! You can see most of the Algarve (literally) from up there (see photo) certainly from Sagres to Faro along the South coast and up towards Sines on the West coast – i guess at least 50km in every direction at least

Looking over to Portimão – on the coast, about 25km away (30x Zoom!)
View over Portimao from top of Foia (906m)
View over to Portimão from top of Fóia (906m)

TOTALLY BREATHTAKING up there – even San had to admit it was more than worth the hair raising ride (for her, sitting on the centre  white line most of the way) on the right hand side of the very twisty (in places) road with some pretty serious drops on the other side of the (bent!) Armaco – in a bloody camper van 🙂



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