Yea, Yea, so call me a wuss, do I care? YES I DO! 😉

It’s been 21c here today – pretty warm for both the middle of winter AND us! (Well, for ME at least!) ……….. and I’m frazzled. 😦   – the ol’ “prickly heat” is starting to rear it’s ugly head on me, so, whilst today has been spent “in the sun” it’s also been spent partially covered up to stop the sun creating even more bloody volcanoes on both my arms and my feet!
Sandra went to town  this morning and bought loads of sun cream (oops, too late hun xx)  – still, at least it may keep me a bit less blistered tomorrow!
NOTE TO KERRY: Yes hun, we have been using it daily, ‘onest we have! only ran out this morning – it’s just that one stupid arse ‘ere forgot to put cream on yesterday till about 11am! 

However, today has ALSO been spent in the excellent company of all (well, MOST) of our lovely neighbours and an afternoon of chat and wine by the ‘vans (and latterly by the pool)   – The Nederlanders went out for lunch and Happy Harry stayed in his caravan (as usual, whilst his Mrs joined us!) – otherwise a really nice afternoon, good company, good chatter, too much wine (for ME! sigh 😉 )

Of all the sites we’ve visited over the last 12 months or so, THIS ONE is certainly in our “top three” and,if we ever come back to Portugal, it’ll be one we will certainly be staying on again ……. it’s fab.



2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Sorry were you looking for sympathy for your prickly heat………..bad luck you won’t get any from us!!! lol! We’ve got bloody wind burn here!!! Better stay out of the sun….at least until we see you xx


  2. Hi Guys,
    Loving the post at least it is not only me who burns!! Have got the sun tan lotion ready, can’t wait now only 2 weeks till we will be in the sun with you!!! Steve has just downloaded that beep us???? not sure what that is, steve definately won’t know, so you will need to explain to him how to use it. Steve will pack the tea bags for you!!!. The photos are fab looks like you both have great tans! we will look very white next to you. especially me. see you in two weeks jen & mez x x x


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