Today it rained

😦 😦
……..not a lot – but it rained 😦
Temp dropped quite a lot today too – too cold to sunbathe for more than 1/2 hour or so this morning
Went to the pub down the lane this afternoon for a couple of jars – missed a trick there for the last 3 weeks, it looks a dump from outside, but it’s really nice inside…. and, like every other one in Portugal (it seems) the drinks are for free (well, almost) @ €9.50 for 6 beers and 4 glasses of wine. AND a ringside Grand Prix seat thrown in for free too (the pub’s on the main village road and every form of transport (even the pushbikes!!)  goes through at about 200kph (even though it’s a 50kph limit) – and the front door is actually ON the roadside – wouldn’t like to fall out of there after a few beers at night – Frightening!


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