We arrived here at lunchtime after a quick 40 minute drive down from last site. This site is ok – small, amongst apartment blocks but its clean and seems secure. Not much room between pitches so a bit crammed in but it will do us. Found this thing in the washroom called an iron! I haven’t used one since we left home so treated Iain to some ironed clothes – the wrinkled look was getting a bit old hat. You can choose either a limitless cold shower or a 4 minutes hot one – who on earth chooses the cold ones? Oh well most expensive site we have been on is looking like being the strangest too.

We walked down to the beach after lunch, only 15 minutes. Then we followed the promenade right through to the other side of town. Wind blowing but much warmer so we walked and walked to get to the marina. After about 4 miles we still hadn’t got there so gave that up as a bad plan and stopped for warm up coffee with brandy – now that was a good plan. Obviously we than had to walk back – so a big total of 9 miles which is a hell of a walk for us – now flaked out in the van debating tourist info brochures on what to see and do.

Torremolinos much nicer than we expected. Town has lots of big hotels and apartment blocks but its really quite pretty with old buildings dotted around. Lots of tat shops but lots of lovely cafes and bars too. The beach goes on for miles – looking towards Malaga we could see the snow on the mountains behind the town. We are literally minutes from the train station so will use that and buses for the next week.

Just realised how close we are to the airport – can nearly see the pilots faces as they come into land – its not going to be quiet here by any chance is it?

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2 thoughts on “Torremolinos

  1. Coffee and Brandy, reminds me of my Seafaring days,but then it was called coffee avics.

    71 F right now, I was thinking of the guys in the UK enjoing the snow


  2. Don’t worry about the pilot hun, he knows what he’s doing ……. just look out for Mez & Ped hanging out of the side window waving as they go over in the morning!


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