All the maps


Europe map


Spain and Portugal Maps

Sites we have stayed on during our three trips to Spain and Portugal.

France, Spain and Portugal 2017


Greece Map



Click top right for the full screen view of the map

UK map




12 thoughts on “All the maps

  1. We hope to be travelling to the same places next year, so perhaps we will meet up. Have loved reading all of your blogs. Travel safely.


  2. Sorry Sandra have checked and there is a link to Italy on my website πŸ™‚ by the way if you do run into me (not literally i hope) the tribby has gone and i now have a hymer b504
    A class.


    • thanks Alex, its a Google map when you make one it gives your a line to add into a blog to link it

      (if you email me your address will send you back some info I was given to get it working)


  3. Still really enjoy reading your blog. I am intrigued as to how you find out about campsites in Bulgaria/Romania. The rest of Europe would not pose a problem but how do you find them?
    Keep writing the blog,it will be a good resource for the future.


    • Finding campsites here is not a lot different than anywhere else. We Google the area we want to stay and then search for camping. The only problem is most are closed Oct to Mar but we usually email or ring a few days in advance and they let us stay. πŸ™‚
      Sandra Baxter


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