Estremoz – marble galore

Having been told that Estremoz  was a  prolific producer of marble and the second largest exporter in the world we decided it was worth  a visit today. Whilst waiting for the bus one of our Dutch camper neighbours appeared and kindly offered us a lift into the town, about 12km away.

When we arrived in the enormous town square the first thing that hits you is indeed the amount of marble. It’s used everywhere, the doorsteps, pavements, kerbstones  and even the actual the cobble stone pavements are made out of marble.  On the edge of the town we walked to see the marble quarry – gigantic lumps of marble everywhere and the quarry itself 80 metres deep.

The town itself is divided into three, at the top of the hill are the medieval walls and within them are oldest parts of town; a medieval castle, church, city hall and chapel. The old town is 425 metres high on the hill, on top of this you can climb the 27 metres to the top of the tower – oh yes, yet again I climbed and stood on the roof. There were incredible views for miles over the Alentejo countryside ( I didnt stay up there long but did take a few photos).

The next part of the town is below the medieval part, a couple of hundred years old and has its own wall 17th century walls. Within this area are some beautiful churches and convents all around the edge of one of the biggest town squares we have ever visited.

The newest part of the town is outside the walls.  Pictures tell it better then I can…..