A meeting with Cirl Bunting

Not as sunny this morning, so we made a quick decision on moving North, packed and away by 9 o’clock.   Our aim was to reach Portalegre today, no real reason other than it is on route and not too far away, it is fairly close to the Spanish border but we aren’t planning to go back into Spain – from here we will head out to coast at Coimbra (my map planning is very zig zag at the moment)

The roads were even quieter than normal, maybe the Saturday effect.  After a slow drive we were here before lunchtime.  Our site is lovely – and we are on another Dutch owned site. It’s a fairly large site, space for 30 campers but very spread out between cork and olive trees. they also have several small villas and a large quinta house to rent.  There seems to be a lot of people around, many are on a walking holidayfor the next 10 days.

Strange but since we have been in Portugal we have now stayed on 5 different sites owned by Dutch couples  (and we have details of at least another 3 or 4 on our route).  We have also stayed on a site owned by Norwegians and one owned by an English couple. We have never found any small sites owned by the Portuguese, only the massive sites around the coasts that are owned by big national companies.

We are just back from a walk to the nearest town,  Castelo De Vide. Took us 3 hours there and back, the walk was all on cobbled paths that have never seen a motorised vehicle and we only passed 2 houses all the way. In the middle of nowhere we came across the well in the photo – there was a small shed of an old house further up the hill so guess it would have been their water supply.

Main reason for the walk was a bit of bird spotting – in just under an hour we saw 22 types of bird – and Cirl Bunting was a first spot for us.  the weather forecast for today was bad, lots of rain – the good news was the forecast was wrong, we had rain for about 5 minutes other than that its been fairly warm and a little overcast.

A week today we need to be back at Santander in Spain for the ferry home on Monday.  We are hoping to see a fair bit of Northern Portugal in the next week on route, tomorrow we go West and see what we find