The Spanish Serengeti

After 2 days driving we have now arrived on the northern coast of Spain. We stopped overnight yesterday at Salamanca, along with a convoy of 20 Dutch caravans, as they were up and away with the lark we followed suit. Incredible drive up, very few cars on the roads, loads of sunshine, skies full of red kites and the snow capped mountains in the distance. We were in Santander late afternoon so went out to find our campsite in Somo and settle in for the evening.

Ok so less a campsite more a ‘spot the piece of ground not covered in tarpaulin’. To be fair calling it a 5 star dump would be generous. Iain popped into reception to be told its €32 a night! No way Jose we are off to find somewhere else. Problem being no other sites open with 30 miles. We parked up on the beach and had tea whilst we thought of what to do next.

Plan B is to go for an aire and we find one on Sat Nav 10 miles away in a National Park. We think its a bit of a clearing in a forest – not ideal but as its getting late we will brave it for a night.

Up through little lanes, looking bleak then we turn a corner and its like we have arrived in a glorious little bit of Spanish mayhem. Tiny old fashioned village, stone church in the middle, several pubs and bars, tacky shops galore and 5 or 6 motorhomes parked by the lake. There are Spanish family picnics galore – groaning tables of food with 4 generations all speaking very loudly at once. We are liking this a lot – lovely place, great atmosphere oh and its not €32 its free:)

A quick walk to the pub for a drink once we are parked up and it gets really weird – there is a field in front of us full of elephants. No we have only had one drink each honest – these are big, real live elephants, about 30 of them. And in the next field there are camels. We are not sure where we have landed – but we are liking it lots:)

Obviously this place is well known in motorhome circles as they are turning up every 10 minutes. Looks like a lively night as the local picnics look set to go on long into the night. Tomorrow we investigate the Serengeti.


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