The wheels on our bus go round and round – again!


Round 2 – ding ding. Yes indeeed we are off and away for the second part of our big adventure. Luckily, nothing too bad on the medical side – thanks for all the kind comments, muchly appreciated. I still harbour concerns that it was all a massive ploy to avoid Stockholm and the highlight of the trip – a tour of the ABBA museum – Iain says this is untrue but our new route seems to bypass Stockholm, convenient?.

We are still smarting slightly at the charge for the Eurotunnel a couple of weeks ago. One way to Folkestone €288!!! The lovely lady in the kiosk was not wearing a mask or carrying a gun but am sure her name tag said ‘Turpin’. We paid our money and we took our choice, too much of a rush not to, so our own fault but my purse is still feeling the effects and weeping quietly in the background. It’s a fabulous service and we would use it again but only if we had booked 2 weeks in advance for £40.

Whilst the coming home was a massive pain (in more ways than one) it has had some upsides. We have cleared out so much stuff the payload must be down at least 50 kilos. Some is stuff we have bought as we travelled, most is stuff we took with us and never used or needed. You can only wear 1 pair of jeans – so having two must be enough.  We were even carrying a couple of items of ‘smart wear’ thinking that we might eat out somewhere, as Maccy D’s don’t appear to have a dress code in any country eating out clothes have now been removed.

We have lost 2 1/2 weeks which out of 12 months is not the end of the world, sadly my finally honed route map has gone out of the window, we will continue to ignore it as we did for at least six out of seven months and just wing it and see where we end up. Our choice of route back out owed as much to my not being the greatest fan of sitting on a ferry as anything. We looked at ferries direct to Sweden from the UK,  26 hours for £560 (Eurotunnel half the price for 20 minutes!!) but after our 3 days experience on a ferry to Greece I couldn’t face another long journey of grey seas and people displaying their previous meals. The whole driving down the M6, M1 and M25 just seemed stressful and just meant driving North when we got there, so we went midway and chose Harwich to the Hook.

We have ambled down over 2 days, stopping on a CL in Cheshire and another near Harwich. The A14 kindly gave us our first headache – a golf ball sized shatter on the windscreen (I know not what hit us – I was driving at the time but just heard the bang). National Windscreens argued about coming out as they wanted to wait til Monday, after much debate they agreed to come out at 6pm – they just never turned up. Our neighbour on the CL was a windscreen repair man :). I thought he might have a windscreen with him, sadly not, but he had a look and says it looks worse than it is. Then he fell about laughing when we told him the quote we had to repair it and told us to leave it be. We have and now await the next drama – if it goes it will be in the middle of deepest Norway for sure. Other than miss the ferry and pay out nearly £300 to Robbing Windscreens (price for Sunday call out) we had little choice so hey ho.


Ooops poorly windscreen

This morning we, and our shabby windscreen, have set sail for Holland with Stena. Good choice of ferry – possibly the best ferry we have travelled on in a good few years. Made the loading marshal a cup of tea as we waited to board, in return he got us hooked into the electric onboard so we don’t repeat the over-heated insulin again. Our cabin appears to be upgraded and has a tv, massive window and proper bed. Coffee and toast has just been consumed so now its the long crossing to get through, free wifi all the day so time for a blog and checking out of routes and what to do in Holland (and as importantly where to find Kroketten for tea).

The sun shone as we left Harwich, the sea is calm, there are less then 100 people on the ferry and we are heading for one of our favourites countries – once again all is good in our world.

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26 thoughts on “The wheels on our bus go round and round – again!

  1. Yay, great to hear you’re back on the road again! Looking forward to reading more of your adventure 😊


  2. With you on the ferries; what used to get me is watching fellow pax necking the duty-free as if they didn’t have any driving to do on the other side. Just an idea, though … are they still running ferries to Esbjerg from Newcastle or Harwich?
    That way, you could drive to Norway or Sweden via the Oresund Bridge. And, if I remember correctly, got a night’s sleep on the way.


    • We looked the Harwich Esbjerg but it was a sailing too far. We want to see more of Holland and Germany so this isn’t too bad a diversion for us.

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  3. Glad to read that you have resumed your trip (some positive aspects thankfully coming out of your diversion) and await more interesting instalments in the coming months. We have thought about Scandinavia for our big trip next year as we both celebrate milestone birthdays, so you could make or break it for us. No pressure there then! Meanwhile, we are currently in Spain, moving on Tuesday as we circumnavigate the Iberian peninsula. LynniB


    • Brilliant – not feeling that pressure then! Will take on-board your birthday plans and search out somewhere pretty ace :). Enjoy your circumnavigate and make sure you have plenty of wine stops 🙂


  4. So pleased all is well and that you are underway again. Very suitably titled new theme for the blog! Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly and tell Iain not to have another drama queen moment! xxx


    • It’s never going to go smoothly, windscreen is a prime example :). The drama queen moments are usually fairly evenly shared (just I write more about his – haha).

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    • our newish route type plan thing means we should be in Germany or Czech Rep in autumn, look forward to the surprise!! 🙂


    • In the Netherlands now, we think Germany, Denmark then Sweden, Norway then back into Germany and Czech for autumn. Finland has been ditched now 😦


  5. Glad you are back whizzing around. Although you may not think so you were lucky wit the windscreen. Some friends of our gad to wait……… three weeks – only for that to be damaged on arrival and another two week wait. Enjoy yourse,ves…..

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    • ok so now we feel much luckier 🙂 there is always something, just relieved we agreed on a contingency funds to cover this type of cost!


  6. You were ripped off on the ferry. But it does not matter As long as you are both having a fab time that is all that matters. Hope bus goes well and no extra exspensise. Please remember to lock all doors and windows at night Just in case. Wishing you every happiness and protection Chris and Keith xxxxxxxxxxx


    • After just a couple of days we already feel in ‘travel mode’ which means very lazy, chilled and ambling slowly. Will keep ourselves well locked up 🙂 xx


    • Hi guys Hope all is going well What is the weather like where you are We have some beautiful sunshine the last few days. Please put some more photos on You must be slowing up. Haha Wish you all the best Chris xxxxx


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