Beside the seaside…beside the sea

Yes we do love to be beside the seaside, especially when we are lucky enough to move from mist and drizzle to sunbathing weather in the course of 24 hours and changing coasts. The New England Bay site is one of our favourites, but even more so on a blue skies day. Considering we are 2 hours off from the nearest motorway at Gretna Green it is surprisingly busy on site being late September. We weren’t able to pitch on the front row nearest the sea, but going one level back does give a cracking good panorama of the whole bay from the front window so we are happy with that.


We popped down to the further point South West in Scotland this morning, the lighthouse at the Mull of Galloway. From there we could clearly sea the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland and in the other direction a stunning view right around Luce Bay to Burrow Head. The exhibition area was open but we have been before so made do with a wander around the outside and a walk over to the RSPB information hut, keeping well away from the cliff edges.

We have climbed the lighthouse steps before, so also decided against a repeat performance of that, instead we plumped for coffee in the cafe and half an hour looking at the views before heading back through Drummore, stopping for a look at one of the many First and Last post offices we have come across in Scotland over the years.



Here despite a fair few leaving this morning the site is steadily filling up again with a constant stream of arrivals all afternoon. It’s also absolutely heaving with rabbits, they are everywhere you look and do not seem that bothered by humans as they just shift along a foot or two if you walk anywhere near.

We have been for our dip in the sea, to ankle level only but to be fair its warmer than expected. We whiled away the rest of the afternoon sat in the sun with the newspapers after kite flying was called off due to insufficient Scottish sea breezes.

This brings another tour of Scotland to an end. We will be sad to leave as always but now have a fairly hefty list of jobs that need doing on the van before we head off in November, so we probably should start getting organised and stop wandering off on holidays.



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