The Longdendale Trail

Both Iain and the awning successfully made it off the roof last night. The awning is now stowed under the van, will try and jam it in tomorrow when we move on. Iain suffered no ill effects from his stint on the roof – I on the other hand am smothered in midge bites several of which have been swelling beautifully all day.

This morning we woke up to an absolute scorcher of a day, so we took the bikes off and went out to find the Longdendale Trail. The trail was only a mile from the campsite but the direct route meant us cycling down the Woodhead Pass. As its like the highway to hell with so many lorries and no pavements or hardshoulders it was never going to be worth the risk for us. Instead we took the diversion up the Pennine Way (pushed the bikes) down a flight of steps (carried the bikes) and through a small wood (wobbled on the bikes) then finally cycled across the dam to reach the trail.

Longdendale Trail

Longdendale Trail

Woodhead reservoir

Woodhead reservoir

All worth the effort as the trail is on the opposite side of the reservoirs to the road and totally traffic free, brilliant views of the five reservoirs along most of the route. Just over 15 miles in total its on the former Hadfield to Woodhead train track bed. First off we went down to the Woodhead Tunnel end. All closed up now and where the trail ends so we then turned round and headed down to Hadfield at the other end. The trail is part of the coast to coast Trans Pennine Trail, the Pennine Way also crosses it so its really busy with walkers on both routes plus cyclists.


No cafes on route so we made do with our picnic and were then back at campsite early afternoon. I am currently feeling totally vindicated in wimping out on the cliff edge part of our hike the day before yesterday – the yellow sea king rescue helicopter has just spent half an hour winching someone off from that cliff.

Half way on the Longdende and a bit hot

Half way on the Longdende and a bit hot

Tomorrow its time for our last move and we are going further down into the Peak District near Buxton. We have 2 days there and our plan is to get the bikes off and ride a trail we have been wanting to do for ages – The Monsail, before its time to head home.


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