POW camp then Scarborough

The Eden Camp museum is billed as ‘the only modern history theme museum of its type in the world’.  With a tag line that good and yet we have never heard of it we guessed it was going to be a little different.

Only £5.50 each to get in was a promising start, a former POW camp with 30 of the original huts still on the site, with each hut holding a exhibition of some sort.  The huts mainly contained recreated scenes of wartime from bombed out houses (complete with arm waving from rubble – with full mechanical noises from same),  air raid wardens on patrol, shops with rationing etc. etc.  To be fair lots of the props were very authentic, sadly most of the set ups were a bit overdone and the models were akin to shop window dummies without any character at all.  The blurb advertises they use movement, sound, light and smell to create authentic scenes – the main movement was nearly every scene had running water or flashing lights. A bit disappointing other than the highlight being an outside toilet – when you tried the door it only opened slightly and a voice shouted “Oi I’m in here” followed by the sound of a flush, worth visiting for that alone 🙂

For us the most interesting thing was the actual POW camp, sadly most of the history to that has been removed,  with the exception of one hut that house some of the letters and identity cards of the former inmates.

Time to move on and find somewhere to make a quick lunch, pulled into a layby with all the other gypsies – literally. As we stopped we saw that opposite us with 30-40 gypsy vans (including several of the old wooden horse drawn ones) and upwards of 30 horses all tied up alongside the busy A road. We had got caught in a traffic jam earlier following two horse drawn caravans and it would appear this is a big site for them right on the grass verge of the A64.

Eden POW camp

Eden POW camp

Onwards to Scarborough and our campsite for the next 2 nights. We are a couple of miles out of town on the C&CC site. Its huge, over 300 pitches and vast majority in use. We are a few hundred yards from the cliff top so walked over to have a have a look before settling back in the van as the heavens opened. Now blowing a gale and raining quite hard – forecast is for this to blow over tonight so fingers crossed it does as we have a cliff walk planned for tomorrow.



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