Whey hey Morecambe

Well we didn’t actually follow the plan and head inland to Yorkshire.  Instead we headed slightly back whence we came to Morecambe. Not somewhere that is at the top of our ‘must see’ list but a lovely sunny day seemed to call for a visit to the seaside and if it was good enough for Eric we thought it would be ok for a few hours.

First impressions were good, a long stretch of promenade from Hest Bank right through Morecambe to Heysham. No more or less run down than most seaside towns, in all honesty slightly better than many towns we have visited. We drove from one end to the other and all looked good so we parked up a little out of town and walked along the seafront to find one of the best known sight seeing draws in Morecambe, the statue of Eric.  Local tourist literature said that people queue for a photo with him,  no queues today so we joined him for a few bars of “Bring me sunshine..” and a full set of photos before letting the only other couple waiting have their chance.

Morecambe Bay was pure sand right over the estuary to the Lake District when we arrived, with the hour the sand was totally covered by the sea. Apparently you can walk across the 7 miles to the Lake District but we gave that one a miss as didn’t fancy needing to be rescued if we got the times wrong. So nextstop ice-cream and coffee break at the cafe on the promenade, not good at all so we gave up with that and went back to find the van and move it right up to Hest Bank so we could cycle the promenade length in both directions.

Really good cycle path all the way along, very wide so no problems with walkers or buggy users. There are many art installations all the way along based on the Tern project, added to that was the beautiful art deco facade of the Midlannd Hotel which does make for a very pleasant visit and a reasonable 10 mile bike ride. We came across the start of the Way of the Roses cycle track, 170 miles from the start to Bridlington – after very little debate we decided to give that a miss but may look for the end when we get to the East coast.  The cycle path goes either through or round a rather nice set of fountains – fairly sure it goes round but Iain felt it would be good to go through and cool down a little, so he did.


Lunch on the beach at Bolton-le-Sands before heading back to camp. We plan to move on tomorrow, this time we will make more effort and actually go – hopefully.


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