RAF Cosford

Nearly time for home so yesterday we headed up through the Cotswolds and agreed our final stop would be Telford so we could visit RAF Cosford.

Our last campsite is Severn Gorge just on the edge of Telford, its a small campsite for 10 vans set amongst quite a large bungalow park. Fully serviced pitch (meaning we have running water and drainage on the pitch for the uninitiated) and a couple of massive RV motorohomes parked up by us. Very peaceful with the exception of last night as we went to sleep something was doing a raid on our roof. Sounded like a herd of squirrels crawling around, neither of us was going outside to check what it actually was, sometime you would just rather not know.

It was only 20 minutes to drive down to RAF Cosford, we arrived half an hour before it opened so brewed up in the van and watched with glee as the school buses started dropping off coach loads of over excited 7 and 8 year olds., so it was going to be a noisy visit for sure.

On the theme of entrance fees (as we always are) it was £3.50 to park all day and entrance was free. No catches, no asking you for donations, its free and no one hassles you to buy anything – bargain of the trip.  There are four hangars and there is too much to see to really take it all in. From the Airfix Spitfire built by James May to Harriers to Chipmunks to Spitfires to Wessex, aircrafts on the ground in the hangars and even suspended from the ceilings.  The German Dornier 17 that crashed in the Battle of Britain and was recovered from the Goodwin Sands in the channel last year is currently being restored, though it currently still resembles a mass of metal and mud.

Its a full day out to see everything and when you get bored of aircraft there are displays and exhibitions along with lots of interactive displays. We supported the museum with a little light lunch in the Refuel Stop before Iain decided to head back in to try out the flight simulator and a 4D experience, suitably impressed with both we called it a day and headed back to camp for a last afternoon of holidaying before heading home in the morning.


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