Cycle path without bikes

The Bath to Bristol cycle path running outside the campsite site is a really frustrating sight when we don’t have our bikes with us. We considered hiring bikes but meant going into Bath first. So we settled on walking the path this morning.

The path is part of Cycle 4 and is on an old railway bed so its pretty much flat all the way. We set off at 8.30 am (sun was up so were we) and took a picnic as unsure how far we were going.  We have never seen so many cyclists anywhere, ever. Literally hundreds of people out cycling, its totally off road so plenty of families with children and just as many Bradley wannabes.  The path crosses over the River Avon several times and that was busy with rowers and the odd canoeist too.

After walking for what seemed like ages we stopped to check the time and see if it was time for butties – nope it was only 10 o’clock! So onwards we went and came across a rail-track beside the path. We knew there was a steam railway along the route so we carried on and arrived at Bitton. A little village where the steam railway is based, at the station a lovely cafe serving breakfasts, drinks and cakes to hoards of cyclists and a few walkers too.  Checked out the mileage and found we had done 5 and half miles – that’s great except we still need to turn round and walk back. We took a leisurely stroll and were back at campsite by lunchtime having walked a good 11 miles.  Incredible achievement for Iain in just 4 months –  he deserves a medal but got a strong cup of tea and a twix to celebrate instead.


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