Chalk horses and Stonehenge

This morning we woke up to a pea souper – fog so thick we could just about see the end of the pitch. Not to be deterred we plotted a couple of ‘chalk’ sites and set out first to see the Fovant Badges, being the badges that are left of over 20 army cap badges carved into the hills at the end of WW1.

The fog wasn’t improving when we arrived at Wilton, in fact it was worse. We pulled into the viewpoint layby and to be honest all we could see was fog – even the fence at the side of the road was shrouded in mist. We decided to sit it out and wait for the fog to clear – an hour and a half later we could just glimpse the hill, still no badges. Another 30 minutes and a very vague outline appeared of the Australian badge and as its largest (51m x 32m or half a football pitch) and we could only just see it we gave up and decided to look at them on Google instead. Seeing the photos its definitely something we will have another attempt at seeing next time we are down this way.

A check on that map showed we were nearish to Stonehenge so as fog was wrecking Plan A we formed Plan B and set off to see Stonehenge. On arrival a massive carpark, a massive visitor centre but no stone in view. We parked up and headed to the entrance to find it was £14.95 each to look at a pile of stones! Visitor centre built so there is no way you can have a peak without paying as its too far from the stones. Map out again and we worked out we could see it by driving down a road running near the end of the site. Well that would have worked if the road hadn’t been removed, totally erased and grassed over. However ten minutes later we were on the third road of the former triangle and a near perfect view as we drove past for free.

Fog still not lifting too much so we headed over Salisbury Plains. Iain hoping to see a tank or two but alas all we saw were a couple of landrovers and army troop carriers. Time to call sight seeing to a halt as we really aren’t seeing many sights.

We are now pitched up on the outskirts of Devizes at the C&CC site. Really lovely site on the edge of the canal and its very busy with over 50 vans on tonight already. Forecast is for the fog to lift tomorrow and the sunshine to be back so will hopefully resume our ramble through the west country with better visibility.

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3 thoughts on “Chalk horses and Stonehenge

  1. I was able to visit Stonehenge when I was in the Military that was before they put the fence around it, in those days you just pulled up and went for a walk, oh how times have changed.
    I hope the fog lifts for you, I have forgotten what it was like to drive in it. Three year ago Marguerite and I were on our way to Palm Springs and we got stuck in a sand storm, it was so bad we just pulled off the road and waited for it to blow over.
    I’ll try and give you a call on Sunday.

    PS when do you change over to Spring time in the UK, we changed over on Saturday.

    Love you both Dad


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