Thorney Island to Emsworth, and back

We are still at the C&CC site outside Chichester for another day so decided to have a quiet day with just a little walk this morning.

So as always our plans turn out slightly differently. We headed out of campsite and over to Thorney Island. The island is a military base but you can walk the perimeter so we started out down the east side. It was a bit cold and cloudy but a lovely  view over to the other islands and inlets that make up Chichester harbour. After half an hour we  got to the security gates for the army camp and there was a sign that the west gate was closed due to recent weather,  but we couldn’t decided whether to risk it as if we got there and it was still closed then it was 7 miles back.  So we gave up on that and cut straight across the island on the footpaths and made our way up to the village of Emsworth.  Quick stop off on route atthe Marina cafe for tea and toast as it was absolutely freezing bt then (spring had deserted us).

Emsworth is real picture postcard village by the sea. Lots of quirky little shops and loads of antique shops, a small harbour with every size of boat from rowing boats to something like a small palace by the sea  and plenty of people milling around as the sun had come out and withit plenty of people. From there we walked back to base at Southbourne and it was early afternoon and our quick walk had turned into 7 miles.

So that’s us for today, the sun is now coming out and were are going to have a lazy afternoon in the sun and cook the sausages and eggs we bought yesterday.


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