Destination Abingdon – failed due to floods

The original plan was to move down to the coast this morning. However, we woke up to brilliant sunshine and it seemed a waste to leave here when we wanted to see more of the area and the weather was so glorious, so we booked on for another night.

We decided on a walk and Iain fancied Abingdon. Slightly ambitious as its 7 miles up the river which is only 6 miles further than he has walked in the last 6 months, but you have got to love the positive attitude. So we packed up our rucksacks with butties and sweets and set off with a plan of walking there and getting a bus back.

The Thames is less than 5 minutes from the campsite and the path alongside was heaving with runners, walkers and cyclists and of course rowers on the river. We walked along to the first set of locks and the crowds thinned out a bit. By the second lock very few people about and the path got a bit muddy, another 200 yards and it was like a bog. I felt it would get better – wrong! When we could no longer see our boots, just clumps of mud on our feet, we admitted defeat and turned for home.

Stopped for butties and a rest at the locks and lock-keeper told us the path had been under 3 ft of water until last week. Also told us it gets worse not better so we made the right call to turn back.

Checked our route and we had walked 4 miles so no choice than to walk 4 miles back. As we did it got warmer and warmer. Its like summer in Oxford today. So end result we walked 8 miles, and bought back half the Thames on our boots, missed Abingdon but there is always a next time.

Back at campsite and it was so warm everyone outside their vans sunbathing, would have been rude not to get out there and join them with our milk bottle legs out. Iain currently sleeping off his mammoth walk and probably getting a little sunburnt at the same time – what holidays are all about 🙂


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