Another day another tourist hotspot, this time Oxford. There is a park and ride 100 yards from the campsite into the city, took less than 15 minutes and so much easier than traipsing the camper in.

First impressions of the city for us ‘wow’. Quite a small city and easy to walk around as lots of the roads were pedestrianised. Had thought the university colleges would be outside the city centre but they are slap bang in the middle. So much to see and so many people with the same idea! Walking tours seemed popular but we found an open top bus and decided to make use of that to eat our picnic on whilst we were driven around the city. the most surprising thing was the gardens around many of the colleges, huge expanses of green in the middle of the city, Magdalen College even has a herd of deer in its park.

We walked around a few of the university colleges, many were closed to visitors as they had events on but you could still walk around the outsides or step into the quadrants. Lots of student walking around in the full garb with mortars on their heads – apparently they were full costume for their exams.

The city centre shopping is wonderful, every shop known to the High Street and hundred of smaller shops but mostly fairly expensive. We found the Covered Market and have to say it was the best bit. Proper old fashioned market stalls with butchers, hat shops, coffee and cake stalls, boutiques, hand made shoe shops and delicatessens, it was like time had stood still from the 1940’s.

We didn’t seeing anyone on the river punting which we had hoped to see. We did however begin the grasp just how many bikes there are in Oxford. Every railing, fence, tree had bikes chained to them. When they ran out of places to chain them to they just prop them against anything that doesn’t move.

By mid afternoon we were worn out so headed back to camp for a bit of sunshine and a well earned rest. This is a city we will be visiting again.

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