South bound

Well no eagles seen sadly, the cloud cover was low this morning so we thought we would move on. Well where better in low cloud and mist than Glen Coe! To be fair even in crap weather it is still fairly awesome. The mist just adds to the feeling of being a million miles from anywhere.

We stopped off at the Glencoe Ski Centre for a toast and coffee break. Half the car park from cordoned off awaiting a broken down army search and rescue helicopter just down the road being airlifted to the carpark by Chinook. Sounded worth waiting for but after a while nothing was happening so we headed on our way.

The long drive down from Crianlarich was fairly dull and misty, broken by a delay at the north end of Loch Lomond where the road appears to have collapsed into the loch on one side so its one lane only. As always it takes forever to drive down the loch but the views are worth it. At the bottom of the loch we stopped at Balloch to stretch our legs and wander round the shops. The campsite at Balloch wanted £26 for a night so we decided against staying as that is what we commonly call a ‘bloody rip’ off. We headed down over the Erskine Bridge and straight through Glasgow on the new motorway. South of the city we were starving so pulled into the services to make bacon butties and buy a couple of Costas.

The nearest campsites by now were Moffat or Ayr so we plumped for Moffat. We arrived at tea time and quite surprised to see a site so full but they squeezed us onto the back of the site. As its only 2 or 3 minutes from the town we walked in for a few bits and stopped off for a pint in the Star hotel.

For many years I have shared the poem ‘Skinny Ma Linnky long legs’ with Iain and he would not believe its exists other than in my imagination. Today I rest my case as we found these in a shop 🙂

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